Hey Girl...Want To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life? Discover How To Make Your Dream A Reality, Let’s Get Fit Babe! 🍑💪

Meet Jess, Your Coach.

Hey there babe, I’m Jess!

People say to me all the time...

“Dang girl, after almost a decade in the fitness industry, you must NEVER skip a workout? I bet you ALWAYS eat salads or live off protein shakes and chicken breast, right?”.

I humbly and honestly am here to tell you… no.

It's still a struggle to stay consistent and not get into that burnout cycle I described at the top of this page...

But after all this time in the professional fitness world I realized working out every day wasn’t going to get me fully to my goals...

So I became a nutritionist as well, and leaned in to diet and macros, figuring that once I knew everything there was to know about nutrition along with fitness, everything would become a piece of cake (yummy).

But alas, that still wasn’t enough to get consistant results for everyone so I began searching for the missing pieces.

1) I got out of the mindset that one size fits all meal plans and workout plans worked for everyone.

2) I found a coach and a community to hold me accountable in a judgement free way.

3) I started viewing workouts and foods as a form of love and self empowerment rather than punishment for how my body looked.

... And Finally, things began to work easily, I was able to get and maintain the results I wanted without killing myself while doing it.

The results were on more than my body, but also my mind, my confidence, and my soul (not to sound totally corny)!

I’ve coached hundreds of women in person, in group fitness classes, and now online feel this success. If you are ready to create that change and that confidence that you DESERVE to feel, let me invite you in. The change starts here…. 

Let's Meet Three Woman From Our 6-Week Challenge:

Meet Blanca!

Despite taking HIIT classes every week and eating only 1200 calories a day, she was completely STUCK plateauing at the same weight and body fat composition…

Meet Diana!

She is a full time law student and grad school student (yes, both at once!) who actually loves to workout and have a balanced diet but finding a routine that fit in her schedule was NOT happening, leaving her feeling bored, bloated and out of wack…

Meet Beth!

This Cali babe is a supermom to two great kiddos under the age of 4 that keep her hands full and was feeling like she deserved to have some time dedicated to her health and fitness so she could have more energy and feel confident in her body…

"The Workouts are Challenging and Fun... The Meals Keep Me Full and Satisfied and Jess’s Check-ins Empowered Me With the Perfect Game Plan For Accountability and Long Term Success”


1. Forget Instagram + Pinterest workouts that leave you scrolling and confused. 

Each challenger receives a workout that is customized for their goals, realistic time limits, and the equipment they already own! This created SAFE and accessible workouts that keep it efficient and realistic for your 6 week challenge experience!

2. Kick hunger and boring bland recipes to the curb.

Low fat, gluten free, no dairy, vegan, high fat, paleo, just chicken and broccoli… wait, what? Let’s customize your macronutrient needs, meal plan and recipes that actually nourish the body for YOUR specific dietary needs. 

3. You are not alone here. 

There is power in this amazing community. That is without a doubt. Our private Facebook group is available 24/7 to share in a completely judgement free zone. Celebrate your wins, boost each other up when feeling stuck, and above all recognize the magic in each and every babe in the group.

Show me The Challenge!

Does This Cycle Sound Familiar...?

Feel self conscious in your cute girl outfit (we all have one, I know you are thinking of it right now even)...

Make a plan to workout really hard for the next month/buy an expensive group fitness package...

Google “low calories meals”...

Starve yourself with under 1200 calories a day and burn out your body...

Binge eat on the weekend because "it's not working any way"...

Fall off and quit because no one is holding you accountable...

Repeat the cycle all over again and still feel self conscious in your cute girl outfit…

Here's The Good News... The problem is NOT you, it’s your PROGRAM...

Most women piece together info they find scrolling that endless social media feed...

This can be an amazing source of info, but how do you actually figure out what is valuable and what is BS...?

How do you find what actually works for your specific body and lifestyle and what doesn't?

You probably don’t have the same goals, time, or needs as everyone else out there... So why would a cookie-cutter solution actually get you the results you're looking for?

Here's the truth that most of the fitness industry doesn't want to tell you... It wont.

That’s where the 6-Week Challenge comes in!

Here's what some women WHO FELT JUST LIKE YOU have to say about the Jess's 6-Week Challenge

Meet Blanca.
Block Quote - Blanca
Meet Diana.
“She knew exactly how hard to push me and to challenge me but at the same time made sure I enjoyed the workouts I was doing and enjoyed the foods that I was eating so there was no chance of me giving up!”  
Meet Beth.
“The workout program that I followed was affordable, adjustable and non restrictive in terms of diet. Most importantly, I saw incredible results!”
Meet Kitty.
“What started as just a 6 week challenge to hold myself accountable has turned into a new part of my routine. I now know what and how to feed my body to keep it looking and feeling good...to actually lose fat and lose inches off my body, I always give the credit to Jess’ 6 Week Challenge.”

Lets go!
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